Game Design Automation - Slot Designer


Program version: 4.4.65
OS: Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) x86/x86_64

Tools for professional design Slot Machine Mathematics.

Supports a huge range of state of the art games:
- Scatters, wilds, hold and spin, player choice, random wins, 243/720/1024 ways games.
- Free games, free games with multiples of the base game pay rules.
- Highest win pays.
- 0 to 25+ reels, 1-200+ rows of symbols visible in the play window.
- Calculate return to player, multiline hit rate, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, confidence intervals, maximum wins, and more.
- Many types of analysis, including theoretical calculations, full cycle simulations, Monte Carlo random simulations, and more.
- Integration with custom math development tools.

Playable Prototypes:
- Quickly make prototypes for mathematics development, artist visualization and sales demo's.
- Publish prototypes as standalone executable's that can be sent to other people.
- Simple drag/drop image files onto the prototype to configure the artwork (symbols, window background, etc), animations and audio.
- Win tunes dependent on win value or symbols under paylines.
- Different artwork and audio for feature game.
- Easy configuration of standard elements of games, including meters, reel positions, paylines, timing, animations.

Powerful game performance optimization tools:
- Model player experience across many separate play sessions, and provides statistical analysis, replay selected sessions in play with a prototype.
- Reports statistics, including RTP, when playing game prototypes so that the play experience can be fully understood.
- Visually compare profiles of different games and see the effect of changes within the game.
- Exceptionally high speed and interactivity encourages experimentation.

- Displays statistics in an easy to use format within the tools, with interactive data grids, and charts.
- Generates Microsoft Excel Reports.
- Generate text format reports.
- Easy to read XML reports for further mathematical analysis or configuration of gaming machine/server.

Integration with Other Applications:
- Copy/paste game data from Microsoft Excel into the Slot Designer IDE, automatically formatting into the required format.
- Export of game statistics as Microsoft Excel spread sheets.
- Export of game statistics in XML format for easy integration with other programs, including custom math development tools.
- Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio enabling copy/paste of game data from Microsoft Excel into C++/C# programs in appropriate native data structures.

Security of Intellectual Property:
- As a Windows desktop application the customer retains full control over access to game IP.