Ensico - Original Source Code | SAS 6.02 Protocol


Complete original source code company Ensico.
Original source code GDCU (Gaming Device Control Unit) hardware.

Source code SAS 6.02 protocol driver:
- Driver for SAS protocol
- SAS - common commands'constansts and AFT control structures
- SAS - channel support
- SAS - device data support
- SAS - device support
- SAS - SAS link layer implementation
- SAS - macros & constants
- SAS - ticketing support
Source code AMATIC Master Protocol driver
Source code LMIK protocol driver (Atronic's Cash Fever Protocol).
Source code LMIK - X series Protocol driver (used by Aristocrat and by Paltronics controllers)
Source code communication with Ensico Mystery/Progressive Controler
Source code EPCP (Ensico Progressive Communication Protocol) driver
Source code DI
Source code DI driver for ICOP platform
Source code GSP driver
Source code PCNIS driver
Source code MEME driver
Source code MIST driver
Source code SYCOM protocol driver
Source code SRFID protocol driver
Source code SPTCD protocol driver for GD-CU
Source code ELRFID protocol driver
Source code modul for fullfilling some requirements of specific jurisdictions
Source code modul for controling external Electromechanical Meters Control Device (EMCD)
Source code Progressive Controler (PCT)
Source code Progressive Controler (PCEM)
And many others source code GDCU hardware drivers, libraries, protocols, application programs.

GDCU schemes, profiles, templates.


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