Novomatic - NovoNet Global Serial Protocol


The NovoNet GSP (Global Serial Protocol) specifies the communication, via serial link, of the UDI (Universal Data Interface) with the GD (Gaming-Device).
The master in the communication is the GD. The GD sends periodically an online check command to the UDI.
If status or data has changed on the GD, the GD sends the appropriate message, in order of occurrence, to the UDI.

Protocol specification (Confidential and Proprietary):
Novomatic NovoNet Global Serial Protocol (GSP)

Document version: 1.7

Supported versions of GSP:
GSP 1xxx
GSP 2xxx
GSP x5xx
GSP xx5x
GSP xxx5

Includes commands:
- GD identification commands
- Cashless commands
- GSP progressive Jackpot commands
- Ticket Commands
- Audit data commands
- Control commands
- Event commands
- Status commands