Fujitsu Frontech - F53/F56 Protocol Specification


F56 is a compact and multi cassette media dispenser, designed for the OEM market, the Fujitsu F56 dispenser features 6 cassettes to hold up to a total of 3,000 notes or other media.

Fujitsu F53/F56 Protocol Specification (Confidential and Proprietary):
|--- F56-BDU D-Level Specification A3KD03234-0001
|--- F56-BDU RS232C Interface Specifications A3KD03234-0002
|--- F56-BDU Error code list K3KD03234-0001
|--- F56-BDU Error code list K3KD03236-0001
|--- F56-BDU Theory of operation
`--- OEM BDU/EDU RS232C Driver (DLL) Interface Specifications

Software tools:
- F56 BDU Test Program v 5.02